Fuel your peak performance with X-FIRE GEL’s potent 30ml dose, combining rapid-absorption dextrose and performance-boosting ingredients for optimal workout support. Orange flavour

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X-FIRE GEL: High-Performance Dietary Supplement

Elevate your workout experience with X-FIRE GEL, a premium dietary supplement crafted for rapid absorption. Packed with fast-acting dextrose, a simple sugar, and fortified with carnosine, this formulation is designed to support your body during intense physical activities.



1 single dose of 30 ml during physical activity.



Water, dextrose 36%, fructose 1-6 diphosphate sodium salt, L-carnitine, acidifier: citric acid, L-carnosine, thickener: xanthan gum, flavor, preservative: potassium sorbate.



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Unleash the fire within

X-FIRE GEL, a dietary supplement featuring rapid-absorption dextrose, a simple sugar, fortified with carnosine, carnitine, and fructose 1-6 diphosphate. Specifically formulated for intense efforts during sports activities, X-FIRE GEL is your go-to companion for peak performance.

  • Dextrose: A quick-absorbing simple sugar that provides a rapid source of energy, ideal for intense and demanding physical activities.
  • Carnosine: Elevates athletic performance by buffering lactic acid, reducing muscle fatigue, and supporting endurance during intense efforts.
  • Carnitine: Facilitates the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria, enhancing energy production and promoting efficient utilization of fats for fuel.
  • Fructose 1-6 Diphosphate: A metabolite involved in the transformation of dietary glucose, rapidly metabolized to release highly energetic compounds, providing a quick and sustained energy boost.

Ignite your performance with X-FIRE GEL – the ultimate blend designed to provide quick and sustained energy, enhance endurance, and elevate your performance during intense physical endeavors.

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