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Vitamins: health and sport pillars 

Vitamins: health and sport pillars 

Why Vitamins for Sports Are So Important for Health and Athletic Performance?

The word vitamins was coined by researcher Frenk who, in 1912, isolated an amine capable of preventing the disease Beriberi. Hence the term life amine or vitamins.

The human body cannot synthesize vitamins, so they must be supplied exogenously. The human body can only synthesize small doses of vitamin K and vitamin D, but often these amounts are not sufficient for the body’s needs.

Under “normal” conditions, diet should meet the body’s vitamin needs but, partly due to the lesser richness of foods (cooking, preservation, etc.), and partly due to increased demands linked to stress or physical activity, supplementing with vitamins for sports becomes more and more not a trend but a necessity.

KEFORMA understands this need and has gone a step further by thinking, with its researchers, of vitamin mixes specifically designed for certain categories of athletes.

Vitamins for Sports

Thus was born the ALLVIT line, a series of formulations dedicated to ENDURANCE and FITNESS, but also to team sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, where there are repeated sequences of sprints, stops, and restarts.

This line of supplements, therefore, has specific characteristics suitable for the needs of different disciplines with the main purpose of providing all the necessary vitamins for sports to the athlete.


The second product of the line is ALLVIT FITNESS designed for a multidisciplinary sport that has within it goals aimed especially at muscle tone and controlling fat mass. For this purpose, the presence of vitamin D responsible for hormonal production, but also for muscle tone itself, has been emphasized.

Similarly, ZINC is one of the minerals most responsible for the endogenous production of testosterone to optimize strength and recovery. This important hormone noticeably decreases with fatigue, and the presence of zinc supports it.

The supply of nutrients to the muscles is supported by NIACIN, which has the task of promoting vasodilation with an increase in blood flow to the areas.

Significant in ALLVIT FITNESS is the supply of CHROMIUM, a mineral that represents the main factor of glucose tolerance, promoting the regulation of maintaining fat mass.

C VIT 1000

C VIT 1000 by KEFORMA is a dietary supplement of Vitamin C from 1000 mg. In addition to regulating stress hormone cortisol levels, vitamin C is also the most important vitamin for the disposal of lactic acid and for the antioxidant action performed in favor of cells.

Vitamin C, in fact, increases the defenses of the immune system, inhibits cortisol production, improving muscle building, and reduces the DOMS effect in the days following physical exercise, thus improving the recovery phase.

KEFORMA sees in the ALL VIT line the first integrative response an athlete should consider, and, when combined with C VIT 1000, achieves maximum effectiveness thanks to the integration of all the most important vitamins for sports!