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ALLVIT, a multivitamin ideal for all those practicing sports

ALLVIT, a multivitamin ideal for all those practicing sports

ALLVIT is a KeForma multivitamin supplement designed for the needs of all those who practice sports.

During the history of supplements and sports, multivitamin complex products have always been at the top of the list. There is no doubt that a body which is subject to constant stress needs to restock in vitamins.

This is a well-known concept, but what many have not understood yet is that intake varies according to the type of sport practiced; consequently, the vitamin intake changes accordingly.

Multivitamins are designed to implement the real needs of a body undergoing stress acting in synergy with all its components. That is why each formulation may vary according to the type of demand.

ALLVIT KE FORMA products have been divided in three macro sport categories as follows:


These innovative products are designed to satisfy the advanced needs of each athlete.


When subjected to prolonged efforts, the erythropoietic system needs to work hard requiring iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12.

These factors also act as a coadjutant and energizer; in addition to this the high mitochondrial activity requires high levels of manganese.

The energy needed by these sports is produced by fats and glucides regulated metabolically when they come in contact with chromium.

These factors have been considered within the ALLVIT ENDURANCE formulation and the other components to help the body sustain long periods of training.


Fitness is a multidisciplinary sport and among the main goals endorsed by those who practice it are muscle toning and keeping fat mass under control.

To reach these goals vitamin D concentration has been increased to regulate hormone production and muscle tone.

Similarly, zinc is one of the main minerals responsible for the endogenous production of testosterone to optimize strength and recovery. This important hormone decreases rapidly when the body is tired, but zinc prevents its decline.

Muscle nutrient supply is maintained by niacin which favours vasodilation and in turn increases blood flow in both districts.

Chromium levels within ALLVIT FITNESS are important because this mineral is one of the main factors able to regulate glucose levels by blocking sugar absorption and facilitating fat mass regulation and maintenance.


Many sports subject athletes to sudden and repetitive movements with acceleration, deceleration, short breaks and burst of force sprint after having slowed down.

These conditions require our body to produce extremely high levels of lactic acid and our muscles – but also our nervous system – are under stress.

Vitamin B6 is fundamental in providing energy regulation required by high ATP coenzyme consumption; vitamin B6 also sustains the nervous system.

Vitamin C regulates cortisol levels, also called “the stress hormone”; also, thanks to its antioxidant cell properties vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins able to get rid of acid lactic.

ALLVIT STOP&GO has been designed for those who undergo activities that induce stress which in turn may easily weaken the immune system; thanks to the presence of zinc the immune system is protected.

Training that requires high intensity and repeated exercises brings strain on the bones and joints; this is why it’s important to increase the amounts of boron which acts on bones metabolism.

By formulating different products according their vitamin content, Ke Forma is able to provide a solution for each sport allowing athletes to personalize and balance their supplement intake. Each product’s main component is in synergy and proportionate to all the other molecules included in the formula.