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Optipep®: the best hydrolyzed whey proteins

Optipep®: the best hydrolyzed whey proteins

Do you know what Optipep® means? Also, what are hydrolyzed proteins?

Optipep® contains highly absorbable hydrolyzed whey proteins extracted from the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. These proteins contain a unique peptide bond amino acid that guarantees a perfect balance between taste and effectiveness during training.

Food supplements have been designed to correctly complete an athlete’s diet helping him to attain specific sport and fitting goals.

Recovery is fundamental for keeping the stress caused by intense training under control like the one performed by professional athletes who undergo strenuous exercises and muscle shaping activities.

Hydrolyzed whey proteins are the best body fuel needed to attain the best physical performance.

Optipep® Sports is a hydrolyzed protein with high and optimal levels of peptides, tripeptides and free amino acids. This maximizes the absorption and provides the necessary protein nutrients in order to facilitate muscle growth and restoration, recharging and recovering the body.

There are two types of ® Sports products:

  • Optipep® Sports 90 isolated hydrolyzed whey proteins – with high protein content;
  • Optipep® Sports 80 hydrolyzed whey concentrate – with amazing functionalities.

Let’s review Optipep® benefits together

There are many benefits that come from hydrolyzed Optipep®. whey proteins. They are as follows:

  • quick to digest and assimilate;
  • high levels of protein consumption will not cause digestion problems;
  • amino acids are increased to highly stimulate protein synthesis within muscles and to optimize their growth;
  • it replenishes glycogen provisions to allow increased training intensity;
  • it repairs muscle damage and reduces post-workout pain helping to achieve quick recovery;
  • they rapidly adjust to an intense training regime and promote high performance;
  • to be taken before and after training as a supplement targeted to increase strength and muscle mass;
  • when taken after exercising it facilitates recovery;

By maximizing post-training recovery, we are able to reduce the risk of injury thanks to improved immunomodulation and also by optimizing oxidative stress which will promote high physical performance.

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