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Choosing the Best Post-Workout Supplements

Choosing the Best Post-Workout Supplements

After a long and exhausting training session, we need to minimize muscle recovery time and replenish glycogen reserves.

The type of nutrients chosen during this anabolic window is very important, the period lasts around 100 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) starting from the end of the workout, this is when muscle tissue behaves like a sponge absorbing everything available in order to replenish itself and start the protein synthesis process.

The shaker looks like the best method available, practical, and quick. But what should it contain?


Massive amounts of protein cannot usually be absorbed by the body, this is why it is recommended to take 30 to 35 g in addition to some probiotics or pineapple stem, if possible.

This last-mentioned ingredient contains bromelain, an enzyme that facilitates digestion and protein absorption.

Obviously, we are talking about whey proteins, which have high organic values and the best BCAA quantities. Known as the fast proteins.


This amino-acid, together with branch-type ones, becomes very important at the end of the workout even if usually it becomes scarce by then. It increases water quantities within cells and increases nutrients as well as glycogen levels. This favors the anabolic cellular processes.


To maximize cellular volume and replenish atp reserves, 3-5 g of creatine monohydrate is necessary.


they are needed to replenish glycogen reserves, if we don’t supplement our body, it will stock up on its own!

How? It will use muscle tissue to create glucose!

Usually between 35 to 70 g of glucose are used to reach a high insulin peak and quickly nourish cells, quantities our shaker can easily contain. If dextrose is also made available, nutrients will be carried out even more quickly.

In summary, our shaker should contain:

400ml of water

30 – 35 g of whey proteins

5 – 10 g of L-glutamine

30 – 100 g of glucose

3 – 5 g of creatine

35 – 70 g of glucose or dextrose according to the individual’s somatotype

Pineapple stem and probiotics help nutrient absorption.

This is recommended to achieve immediate nourishment, let’s not undermine the importance of food during this phase, after training always eat a solid meal made up of highly-value proteins (eggs, fish, meat), rice or potatoes, and seasonal vegetables.

Every moment is important, don’t neglect any details!