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Winter running: advice on how to train for a half marathon 

Winter running: advice on how to train for a half marathon 

Winter is the ideal season to prepare for new sport goals like running the half marathon.

Running is surely one of the simplest sports to try, all is needed is a tracksuit and a pair of trainers to get out of the house and start running a few kilometers at a time.

But as with every sport it’s good practice to gather information and follow some basic guidelines that will allow you to run in the best way possible.

More so when running becomes our passion and we would like to test our endurance by competing with others… and that is when we may start planning to attend a half marathon running event.

What is a half marathon?

Half marathons are part of athletics discipline. A half marathon is a foot road race with a distance of 21.097 Km.

Let’s say that to cover this number of kilometers, time and perseverance are needed, and that is why we suggest you start by covering shorter lengths on alternate days to gradually increase your training resistance.

Autumn is the ideal season to start preparing because running can be done in any climate condition, on tarmac or dirt tracks, in the city or hillside and it doesn’t require too much time. Running can be practiced during your lunch break, in the evening after work or as a muscle toning exercise early in the morning before starting your daily activities.

This is the most popular sport practiced in urban centers where all is needed is a bicycle track or a public park to follow a daily training routine.

This sport allows you to build on short training sessions to be increased slowly to reach longer distances like marathon, which is 40 Km long.

If your goal is running a half marathon, do not underestimate the fact that it’s necessary to follow a personal training plan designed by an expert to make sure your training sessions are done correctly and are effective to the best way possible according to your body structure.

In addition to good training, good nutrition needs to be followed and that is why during recent years Ke Forma has studied and formulated specific food supplements for those who practice resistance sports like ALLVIT-endurance designed for athletes and ideal for reinforcing the immune system.

Running outdoors, especially during the cold season, may weaken your body because it must deal with sudden temperature swings, and it is exposed to the many seasonal viruses and colds.

There are many half marathon competitions held during this specific time of the year (October-November) precisely, in view of the next marathons.

What is needed for winter running?

  • First, we need to buy a good pair of shoes, ideal for running, it would be advisable to buy them from a shop specialized in running gear.
  • Another especially important factor is what we wear; we need to cover ourselves… but not too much! If we overheat we will sweat excessively, and this will expose us to colds and sickness. Always use good Quality breathable and technical fabrics.
  • Nourish your body,body; keep it hydrated during training or racing but also through the rest of the day. Losing liquids may weaken your immune system and cause excessive fatigue.
  • Use good supplements. KeForma has perfected the procedure needed to achieve training and racing.
  • Set goals for yourself and try to reach them, only by doing this will you be able to reach the desired results.
  • It’s advisable to combine gym training with our exercise.
  • Lastly it’s especially important that you do not overexercize, proceed by steps!

Happy training!